Starting Again, and April Fools Day, 2011

August 30, 2012

It is hard to know how to take up again, a blog that has been abandoned for 3 years…

It is Victoria Barlow that inspired me with her comment, but where to start, where to start? We have lived through so much since I last posted in October 2009, but we are still here, we are still in business, we still make gorgeous passementerie, and we are on the point of spreading our wings and flying higher.

Perhaps it is time for you to meet the lady Sevinch:





So let me restart at random:

It is April Fool’s day, 2011.

When the Egyptian revolution erupted in January, Sevinch and I were in our Paris flat and watched with disbelief the scenes of chaos and slaughter in Tahrir, on television. And what was her first reaction? “Thank God we are out of it and safe”? Oh no.

“My poor workers, are they safe? Oh God, it’s pay day on Thursday, they will need money – come on, let’s go to the airport!”

So after many false starts, KLM managed to get us back to Cairo on a huge and empty airplane, and we made it home through tension-filled streets. The next day we got to the factory, and out they all came tumbling like puppies with laughs and smiles. “Madame! Mister M! You came! Alhamde lullah, Alhamde lullah!”

But now it is April Fools day, 2011. A few short weeks later.

And we were the fools. We came to the factory as usual, very early, to beat the traffic; and as usual, we went to our back office to have breakfast in front of the BBC news; and as usual, we left the factory door wide open.

Suddenly two men burst in. One was young, wired, eyes rolling, and brandishing an automatic pistol. The other was older, plump, white-haired stubble on his head and chin, nervously clutching a machete. They put us to our knees, tied our hands behind our backs, and told us to look at the floor. The gun was at my temple, and the machete was at Sevinch’s throat; and we both knew that the time had come…

You never know what you will do until it happens. And all I knew was that they were going to kill us. So I fought: I got my hands free and took the gun. I pointed it in his face, and a dark sensation of murder grasped my soul. It is a feeling I never want to experience again. I wanted him dead, as I pulled the trigger.

But as some of you know, as you get older, you tend to forget important small details in life, and death. Things like safety catches.

I fired four times, and four times the gun failed to work. And then I got the kicking of my life. But they were rattled, they tied us up anew, grabbed what they could, and ran.

And do you know what the insult was that the bastards added to injury?

They tied us up with our own tassels….

April Fools Day, 2011.




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