Village life

October 13, 2009

Sevinch was now commuting regularly to the village of rogues and vagabonds, to supervise the production of her orders in Sabbagh’s workshop. It was a long day for her, and frankly depressing since the assault on the senses was unremitting: the filth, the smell, the gloom, the noise. Nevertheless, she kept her spirits high, since for her this was the learning curve. Sabbagh was planting the seeds of his own downfall when he allowed her into his workshop to learn the techniques of passementerie making.

She came home one day, and over a glass of wine she said “darling, I noticed something about the village today.”

“The kids, they are everywhere. They have no shoes, their clothes are rags, they have snot running down their faces. But you know what struck me?”

“They have no toys, nowhere do you see toys ”

The thought giving birth to the deed, Sevinch spent the next few days going around all her rich friends demanding that they hand over all their children’s used and unwanted toys. She took these out in great quantity to the village, and handed them over to Sabbagh with instructions to distribute them to the children.

Many months later we discovered that Sabbagh had sold the toys and trousered the proceeds

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