The social contribution of tassel making

October 10, 2009

Last night we were invited to a dinner by very dear friends that we hadn’t seen for many years. As is the usual practice here, one is invited around 9pm, most people arrive at 10pm, and dinner is put on the table by midnight. If you’re lucky.

We were well prepared, this time: a nice siesta after getting back from work, no booze and a light supper. Then and only then did we go out. It was a lovely evening, meeting old friends and making new.

Sevinch was particularly excited as we entered our hosts’ apartment, for who was there other than a rather famous if ageing actor whose charm and limpid ox eyes have always made the ladies go somewhat weak at the knees. She was no exception, her little bum twitching like an excited pup as she made a beeline for him.

After a while I went over to join the conversation, just in time to catch him asking the question: “can’t you find something more socially constructive to do with your time than making fucking tassels?”

Almost in a reverie, I thought aloud: “and can’t you find something more constructive to do with your time than getting drunk and losing several fortunes at the card tables?”

The old boy was clearly in a dark mood, since eventually he found himself isolated in a corner, and soon buggered off unnoticed.

I did remind a mildly annoyed Sevinch that she puts food on the table for 50 poor families.

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